Clay EP

by Clay

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released April 20, 2013

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion - Clay Swanson
Vocals - Bonnie Swanson



all rights reserved


Clay Edmonton, Alberta

lover of puns and gables.
lives for the wind in the mountains.

and i like playing guitar.

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Track Name: Bullshit
do you remember how it felt when your hand first fell in mine?
i remember with such clarity, I think about it all the time,
but I was caught up on some bullshit idea of how love was supposed to feel
and you were caught up on a barbed wire fence licking wounds that would never heal

no they wont heal
you wont let them heal

how come I feel like the one to blame when it was you who pushed away?
i was always at a loss for words, I guess that should have given it away,
but you were burning me like kindling, hoping to start your fire,
and I was standing at the base of your mountain, hoping to climb much higher

but you sent landslides
always landslides

now I can't feel.
now I can't feel your heart anymore.
Track Name: Where to Go
the end I see is always clear
so what am I still doing here?
she injected passion in my veins
so why isn't this the gift I claim?

tell me where to go.

i've been wasting time, I've been moving slow
the weathers been so bad you know.
i couldn't see through the hail storm
until you pulled me in and you kept me warm

tell me where to go

a light in you is all I see
but you blow it out so thoughtlessly
folding paper flowers is what I do
this mask is much too big for me
and too small for you.

tell me were to go
Track Name: From the Palm of My Hand
lets go down to the river side
lets go down to no longer hide
just you and i

we'll take a swim in the cool creek
and figure out where our minds meet
just you and i

and when we decide that it starts to pour
we'll just keep ourselves warm and swim some more
just you and i

we'll sleep underneath our diamond sky
and ignore every doubt that might pass us by
just you and i

and you dont have to wear your yellow coat
its not raining anymore
you're not soaking anymore
i'll take the rain for you
i'll blow away your cloud
just for your embrace
and a smile on your face

i wish we didnt have to separate
i wish the earth was on a plate
for you and i

so i'll blow this kiss from the palm of my hand
and send it searching across our land
for you and i

for you and i
Track Name: Go About It
there were two months to go
out of sun and into snow
but i didnt care about the weather

the only thing that was on my mind
was getting out of bed on time
to go to work at 5 pm

shes got a tattoo on her shoulder
of her late estranged mother
i asked her if it hurt, she said not nearly enough

i dont know how to go about it
i dont know how to be alone

ive been awake since i was 17
back in the day when i was green
not much has changed now that im older

its like a voice inside my head
just when i thought the voice was dead
it is reborn singing louder than ever

i dont know how to go about it
i dont know how to be alone